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¨Happiness has a new address¨ Authenticitys Sustainability Summit on the news:

25 May, 2017 0

¨Each one of us strives to make the world a better place to live in. But this tickling thought seems daunting and far-fetched. With its great ideas and aspirations to offer people the opportunity to pitch in a larger cause of improving the world, Authenticitys was founded on the belief that everybody should be able to travel the world and explore other cultures and religions.¨

Authenticitys is an online platform that connects visitors with local, unforgettable experiences that are based on personal, social, and global scales. These experiences range from being educational to leaving a positive footprint by visitors.


Sustainable tourism

A crowdsourced initiative:

The innovative minds behind this project are Elena Rodríguez Blanco, Kim Lessig, and Toni Ripoll i Roig. “We believe there’s a new way to give back to the city you visit,” the Facebook page read.

To highlight its global reach, the project has aligned its goals with the United Nations sustainability goals to support the ecosystem. Since 2017 is the UN year of sustainable tourism, Authenticitys seized the chance to put forward its objectives and invite people to join in raising awareness on sustainable tourism and mobilizing stakeholders in making the tourism sector a catalyst for positive change. Additionally, the initiative aims at creating educational experiences of social innovation in all cities and fostering change in policy-making, business practices, and consumer behavior in tourism.

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Story by Oumeima Boughanmi

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