Hola! Welcome to this little space in the web.

What will be happening here?


Sharing. Reflections. Writing about the path. These past 5 years as a social entrepreneur have been a great, yet fast-paced journey. Entrepreneurship is a full-hearted business. It requires your presence and energy and lots and lots of doing. If you are entrepreneuring you are doing, and learning by doing, and doing some more.

And you are walking so fast, sometimes running, you go into accelerators and incubators and work in teams that maximize creativity and increment synergies and collaborations. You have a supportive ecosystem that allows you to do some more. The adrenaline rush is incredible. The passion is pouring through your pores, everyday. It is exhilarating.

Then the need to stop comes. You need to disconnect in order to connect. You realize you have not been watching the path you are walking everyday. You forgot to listen to your body. Enjoy silences. Play more often. Talk about nothing. Yes…talk about nothing. You don’t know how to it anymore!

The question started becoming more clear: Is it possible to create an organizational structure that supports each member in the team in their personal Win? What would a social enterprise look like that is taking care of its social purpose, its business acumen and the personal growth of each person? What would a Win-Win-Win culture really look like in world that usually competes for one Win?

How would THAT look like? How would we measure it? What type of performance indicators could we create that ensure that THE PATH, THE PROCESS is different this time around. Yes, social enterprises have a better final product. But the process we are using is exactly the same that was used to create many of the problems that we have today.

I am committed to observe the process, and share the reflections on what we are living in Authenticitys. The blog is an indicator of whether I am stopping enough to observe. And its public, because I want to connect with your experiences, stories, thoughts…because if you are reading this, YOU are now part of this shared path.

Nice to see you here!