Authenticitys featured in new book: “Transforming Travel: Realising the potential of sustainable tourism”

1 May, 2018 0

Jeremy Smith’s newest book: “Transforming Travel” combines stories from leading companies, interviews with pioneers and thinkers, along with a thorough analysis of the industry’s potential to make lasting, positive change. At Authenticitys we are thrilled to be part of this movement, and the stories in this book.

Here’s what you can find in it:

– A unique collection of case studies and stories of the most successful, inspirational, impactful and innovative travel businesses in the world.

– A vital presentation of the latest research and statistics on the positive impacts and potential of transformative, sustainable tourism,

– A positive and realistic vision of the scope of tourism to promote sustainable development at a time when travel and interaction with foreign cultures are facing numerous existential challenges.

Written in a highly engaging style Transforming Travel presents an urgent argument for transforming tourism so it might reach its potential to promote tolerance, restore communities and regenerate habitats while providing a vital guide for anyone looking to develop the successful sustainable tourism enterprises and destinations needed to do so.

And a small summary by the author himself!

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