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18 December, 2018 0


A Christmas present from the heart – there are hardly better things we can imagine of.

This year we would like to present you some ideas that are not only from the heart- but also a contribution to shaping the world positively.

Our social impact Startup Authenticitys has been featured in the responsible gift guide of Proyectos Ship2B, a foundation that focuses on helping entrepreneurs to accelerate their projects.

The primary objective of the Ship2B Foundation is to promote a new way of conceiving the business world by demonstrating that companies can be created to solve the significant social and environmental challenges and at the same time – be profitable. Thus, they are supporting entrepreneurship and impact investment and connect entrepreneurs and their projects with their community of investors.

To make the public and our society familiar with different projects and organisations that contribute to creating an impact in our world, they launched a unique catalogue, presenting the various products and visions of each entrepreneurship.
As a responsible gift guide for Christmas, this catalogue provides different options for consumers to buy products, experiences or make donations to transform this beautiful time of the year a little more responsible with the environment and our society.

In this sense, Authenticitys can proudly be part of one of these featured “responsible entrepreneurs” presenting their tourism-transforming experiences in cities along with NGO’s and other social companies. Experiences that allows the visitor to see different sides of the town, off-the-beaten-path and at the same time supporting a social purpose.

Moreover, Authenticitys is also featured in the Sustainable Christmas Guide of this year’s B Corporation Campaign. In this special gift guide you might find another inspiration about sustainable gifting.

An unforgettable tour to the Barceloneta – beach with fishermen, an alternative walking tour through the paths of the bohemian and emergent – barri del Born- neighborhood or a special dinner with Syrian refugees – any gift of this type is a relevant step towards sustainability and a social impact.

If you want to know more about responsible gifts for Christmas and get to know different visions to shape this world positively – take a look at the Responsible Gift Guide of Proyectos Ship2B and the Sustainable Christmas Guide of B Corporations and get inspired!

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