Designing Social Impact Transformational Experiences
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Are you ready to future-proof your design?

Social Impact is no longer optional.

People are craving a deeper sense of meaning, connection, and transformation in their travel experiences.

At Authenticitys we have designed hundreds of social impact experiences for travellers, conferences, events, educational journeys in +40 countries.

All our experiences work towards the Sustainable Development Goals and are deeply memorable.

We believe that in order to change things we need more of us to be in this same boat together. This is why we want to share with you our "secret sauce" on designing for change.

Introducing our "Designing Social Impact Experiences" playbook, the ultimate guide for making ensuring social impact is part of your next travel, event, conference, team training, and even family vacation! We share with you the applied technique of how to think as a designer, and we walk through the steps of what has made Authenticitys' experiences so memorable for the thousands of participants we've had in the last 8 years!

We of course also share some of the things that have gone wrong and what we have learned along the way...so that you don't have to go through that trial and error. We want you to succeed in making a lasting social change that matters, that will make travel matter.
We share two extensive case studies of the applied methodology. All in a super, easy-to-follow playbook that will help you design any event.

Join the movement of organizations doing social change experiences that will transform not only the world, and you for the better!

Let's transform travel...and events, learning journeys, training, and conferences.


The purpose of B Corporations
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Foto: © Certified B Corporation

The world depends on the collaboration of initiative companies, the governments and the individual's solidarity, and the motivation of nonprofit organization to transform this place into a better living space. Certified B Corporations are called the businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance and help to face challenging problems of a community.  These so-called 'B Corp companies' aim to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable society and a positive impact for employers, culture and environment. Therefore, they are necessary as a crucial support to solve certain problems that the government and nonprofit organizations can not solve alone. This year, our social impact startup Authenticitys was featured on the list of the last companies that have managed to be B Corp companies. In this sense, Authenticitys was mentioned in the Sustainable Christmas Guide that motivated the public to contribute to a more sustainable Christmas by spending the money on more sustainable things, like experiences, for example. In these times, including the issues of the climate change that is seriously harming this planet, organizations and progressive companies are necessary to work together to address certain problems and to help together to realizing long-term and purposeful actions. Thus, the entrepreneurship movement helps to combine these purposeful issues with a concrete market expertise, in order to create new, groundbreaking strategies and to foster social engagement, which is inevitable to enable a positive change. Certified B Corporation Companies serve as exemplary pioneers in our society, to effect a positive change in order to leave an impact and footprint on this planet for the following generations. Our global economy has the power to turn the world into a better living space in the future - thus, companies are needed that use their business as a force for good.    
5 Top destinations for 2019: Secret Places to Travel
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The New Year has begun and another full year ahead of new destinations in this world to discover.
There are a lot of secret places on this planet worth to travel, which have chosen sustainable environment-friendly tourism.
Sustainable Travel is Off-The-Beaten-Path Travel
To begin with, let’s focus on a lesser-visited place where there is a place to think outside the box. There is nothing worse in travel than too many tourists in one place. This is why sustainable tourism can be discovered off-the-beaten-path.
While enjoying the unique experience of travelling be conscious and aware of every moment.
Sustainable Travel is Mindful Travel 
Sustainable travel is slow and mindful travel. Thus, better to learn from one specific experience than rushing from one place to another and not be aware of anything new you see.
There are so many places in the world to explore that put their efforts towards sustainability and haven’t been yet visited too much.
We discovered 5 destinations that are definitely worth to visit next year.
Shortlisted as “Destinations of Excellence” for their initiative to create a positive impact, these destinations can be on your “sustainable travel list” for 2019:
  1.SARREGUEMINES, France   Pure nature for young and old!

Foto: ©EDEN

For the ones, who love the nature and outdoor activities, the picturesque city of Sarreguemines at the border triangle of Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium is a must.
It is at the meeting point of the two rivers, called Blies and Sarre and in between of two UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. Therefore, fisherman, cyclists or hikers can enjoy several leisure activities around the area, like the ‘Velo visavis’ cycling network (nearly 300 km) and the favourite hiking trails through the woods and meadows.
  2. THE BURREN, Ireland Another UNESCO heritage region worth to visit is The Burren, in the southwest of Ireland. The UNESCO global geopark integrates fertile valleys, authentic villages and an outstanding and unique landscape. There you can also find the most extensive cave system in Irland, the largest stalactite in Europe and the Burren National Park. Foto: ©EDEN
For all the food lovers- the region of The Burren has a vibrant food culture and offer tourists The Burren Food Trail, an opportunity to uncover the history of the area through its food.

Foto: ©EDEN

Foto: ©EDEN

The Marginimea Sibului is a region in Transylvania and known as the land of shepherds, sheep cheese and meat delicacies. All the traditional products, produced in the area reflects the richness of its land but also shows the cultural diversity.
An essential part of the regions culinary and cultural tradition is the various types of cheese of Marinimea Sibiului, which arrived from different specific production techniques.
This fascinating cultural experience of the region of Romania gives you an insight into real authentic country life – an experience definitely worth to live.
Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve is a pedestrian city in the province of Walloon Brabant in Belgium with a unique atmosphere and a lot of charm.
It is a very young, creative and multicultural city with very green surroundings that consist of two separate town centres.

Foto: ©EDEN

This destination has a lot of cultural activities to offer - from museums and theatre-shows to authentic restaurants and welcoming shop experiences.
Visiting this authentic region of Walloon Brabant in Belgium is definitely an off-the-beaten-path experience you will not quickly forget.
      5. PLATELIAI, Lithuania  

Foto: ©EDEN

The region of Plateliai in the Zemaitija National Park is one of the parts in Lithuania that preserves old traditions like at Old Shrove Tuesday.
If you want to visit this beautiful area of Northern Lithuania, it is definitely worth during this period to experience devils, witches, goats and other frightening characters appear in costumes during Shrive Tuesday.
During these famous festival days, you can taste the traditional regional foods, like the round pancakes, reminding the round sun.
Apart from the cultural and culinary traditions the Plateliai Lake, which is the centre of attention in the Zemaitia National Park and the most beautiful lake of Lithuania, is an excellent place for walking an cycling trails.
This area is a fantastic secret hotspot that definitely is worth a journey.

Foto: ©EDEN

The Responsible Tourism Topics 2018 – What Comes Next?
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The year 2018 is passed and the debate over responsible tourism is spreading quickly. Looking back from a retrospective, the WTM Responsible Tourism sums up the most relevant debates regarding responsible tourism into the following: First of all, the World Responsible Tourism Awards 2018, awarded the city of Barcelona as the overall winner. In our article "Barcelona 2018 - A Significant Year for Responsible Tourism" you can find detailed information about this special award and what it means for our social impact startup Authenticitys to be based in the city, with a significant status for responsible tourism. Another crucial topic of debate last year were the floods of Venice, that showed that the issue of overtourism have negative consequences on climate change. The frequent protests of locals in Venice against the travelling masses in the city are not unknown. The truth is, Venice has always been a hotspot for travellers. However, the consequences of the climate change, and thus, the approximating floods in Venice that are foreseen in the future have shown the connection between overtourism and climate change, which should be taken serious. In this sense, the WTM Responsible Tourism has given an insight in addressing the problem of overtourism at the WTM congress in London. Especially the city of Barcelona, as the overall winner of the WTM Awards 2018, is mentioned as an outstanding example that has led the way in addressing the challenges of overtourism. Thirdly, it is important to mention the debate about "Black Friday" and its impact on tourism. For so many people in this world, this day is the most important shopping day of the entire year. However, the debate in relation to sustainable tourism is turning the subject and proposes to using this day to leave a positive impact in our world. "What might happen if we used this opportunity not as another saleable moment, but instead as a teachable on?" In our blog post about Sustainable Shopping  you can read about the #BuyNothingDay movement and get an alternative view about this annual 'event'. What can be said for sure is that the list of topics in the tourism industry that are needed to be addressed is extending and thus, the collaboration of innovative and progressive entrepreneurships needed in order to create a positive impact for a more sustainable world. "The name doesn’t matter, Responsible Tourism is a broad agenda and there are many groups pursuing particular issues, all of them important." As mentioned in the Responsible Tourism Program, every initiative that is contributing to a more sustainable tourism industry is relevant and the collaboration with different entrepreneurs necessary. The responsible of responsible tourism is to enable the people on this world to travel freely and with pleasure. The challenge, however, lies in guaranteeing this freedom and at the same time creating awareness of sustainability and the positive impact that the tourism industry has to produce. "Because, great places to live are great places to visit." Another year lies ahead and we are excited to see the outcomes that bring 2019.
Time for a Change – Time for Us and our Planet
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Have you thought about your New Year’s resolution for 2019? Another 365 days lie ahead for us to put into practice everything we are planning to do. A change can happen every day and every time. However, New Year helps to mark an official and concrete beginning to set oneself a target What are you waiting for? Christmas is over – the peaceful and contemplative time still in our mind and the last time of the year 2018 done. No more procrastinating – the time has come to think about your personal list for 2019 New Year’s resolutions. Probably on this list might not be missing a new destination you always wished to visit? So, why don’t we start here? Yes, there exist possibilities of turning our desire for travelling into something that creates an impact on our fellow men and environment. Together, step-by-step, we can make small sustainable decisions that will help lead to a significant change. The three New Year’s resolutions related to travelling that should appear on your list for 2019: 1. "Think global, act locally” A common saying, or better said, a principle that urges people to consider the health of our planet and thus take action in their own communities and cities. Without considering the global impact of our actions, how can we contribute to making this world a better place for our fellow men and future generations? Therefore, we have to start in our surroundings and to be more concrete – in our daily routine. Indeed, it is easier to talk about changing our daily routine to a more sustainable lifestyle. The day-to-day stress, work and at the same time maintaining our social life often leave aside the time to think about a sustainable change in our daily routine. All the more, it should be part of a resolution that needs to be achieved. It is never too late - if you decide to recycle paper, glass, and plastic and start using public transportation and bikes (or you will start after the list of 2019 New Year’s resolutions :-) ) you are on the right way to contribute to a positive impact in this world. Of course, there is much more outside – let’s not forget our desire of seeing the globe’s cultural richness and dive into the world of sustainable tourism.
2. Connect with people from different cultures & support the local communities If you choose to include intercultural experiences in your life and are curious to learn from new cultures – you always have the option of doing so and at the same time, leaving a positive footprint. If there is a volunteering element involved, truly responsible travel businesses will work directly with local NGOs to ensure the program meets the needs of the community and are not just “feel good” experiences for travellers. As we know, the primary goal should be a long-term positive impact. It is about the interpersonal exchange between locals and travellers that has the power to effectuate positive outcomes that not only enriches the traveller’s experience but also provides the local communities sustainable profits. 3. Support ideas that make the world better Last but definitely not least – to be part of the chance that initiates a positive impact in our world we have to be part of the ideas that seeks to make the world better. We can be part of this movement if we strive to support different actions and understand the necessity of each individual’s participation and will to actually cause a change for the good. No matter if it is about the environment or intercultural coalescence – what matters is your own initiative to leave a positive impact that makes the world better. 2019 has begun. Start your journey into this New Year and make a change - for you, for us, and for the planet.
BCN – Sustainable Tourism Congress
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Foto: © Barcelona Turism

Barcelona – this week our social impact Startup Authenticitys was invited to join the sustainable tourism conference "Jornadas de Turisme Sostenible" in Barcelona. On Wednesday, 19th and Thursday, 20th of December, Barcelona Turisme organized a conference around the topic of sustainability, including different panels, speeches and discussions. The “Jornadas de Turisme Sostenible” is a congress that opens its doors to experts, entrepreneurs and interested people in the field to reflect together on different visions of sustainable tourism and to create a change to leave a positive impact in the cities we travel. On the first day, the sustainable tourism guru Doug Lansky talked about “Saving Tourism from Itself”. As Barcelona is the leading city in adressing the issues of overtourism and sustainablity, in his speech he clarified the different stages of overtourism and the misinterpretation of managing this certain problem. "Overtourism is unbalanced tourism", he says. That means, that the problem is not the travelling masses that come into a city. The problem is rather the unbalanced tourism that a city has failled to manage. Thus, an effective solution of this issue would be the systematic spreading of tourists and the balancing of the offer in a city. Doug Lansky is a travel writer and is engaged in various fields to contributing to a sustainable tourism industry, especially in creating awareness about the ongoing issue of overtourism that many cities are struggeling with and to find effective solutions. He brings along a lot of experience in the tourism industry through his collaboration with big companies such as Google Travel, Amadeus or the National Geographic. Moreover, he is not only the author of 10 books, including 2 for Lonley Planet and 3 for Rough Guides, he is also a well-known speaker at the National Geographic Headquarters and the United Nations World’s Tourism Organization. In addition to Lanskys speech, other local experts like Mercedes Mora (director of Casa Vicens), Matteo Asensio (International Promotion Manager of Turisme de Barcelona), Julian Montero Ortega (Director of Business Development at Barcelona Zero Limits), Santiago Hernández Zayas (Director of Hotel Princess and Promotor of Barcelona Forum District) and Jordi Sala Serra (Human Resources Director at Hotel Arts Barcelona) joined a round table conference to discuss the different pillars of sustainability and the challenges and different opportunities that tourism means for different destinations. The first day of the Sustainable Tourism Conference in Barcelona provided already an extensive and productive program about the main steps to address in order to contribute to a sustainable tourism industry. Day 2 of the congress – on December the 20th – was dedicated to the 7th edition of “Business with Social Vale” (BWSV), at the “Palacio de Congresos de Catalunya”. The event aims to contribute to a social transformation of business companies, by promoting social and sustainable conducts, favouring the sustainable economy of the Centro especiales de empleo (Special Employment Center) and the Empresas de Inserción (Social Integration Enterprises). Experts on different fields like Pedro Olivares Carreño (OLIVARES Consulting), Maite Piera Torres (Human Capital Consulting Deloitte) and like the day before, Doug Lansky discussed about sustainability and about how to include the social factor in today’s business. Another main objective of the BWSV event was to create real business opportunities for the Special Employment Centers and the Social Integration Enterprises. With the face-to-face activities participants were able to get to now all the services of the Special Employment Centers and communicate directly with different companies and experts.
Sustainable Gifting – A Brief Insight
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Every year the same nuisance:  “what should I give my boyfriend for Christmas this year?”  “What would my mother be happy about?” And: “What should I buy for them this year?” Year after year we are struggling with these thoughts, but in the end, these good thoughts and gifting end up in stress, disputes and a lot of trash. Did you know that in the four weeks leading up to Christmas the household waste increases by 25 %? No wonder, the pre-Christmas campaigns in shops and markets start early, in order to ensure that we all fall into the traps of consumerism.
However, this shocking amount of waste we produce every year before Christmas (apart from the waste we already leave during the rest of the year) affects our environment and thus, our entire world and species.
Let’s rethink our behaviour and let’s change the way we gift our beloved ones. Together, we can make small sustainable decisions that will help us to contribute to a positive change in our world.
Christmas is coming - a peaceful and contemplative time full of meaningful and beautiful traditions, where we all want to give pleasure to those we love.
First of all, let’s rethink about the necessity of gifting material things. How about giving a unique experience instead of a new sweater? Sometimes, the gift of experience means much more than providing a tangible gift – and often provokes a greater pleasure to the one who receives it. Concert tickets, a dinner for two or simply an of “togetherness” can be a great gift. However, not only “experiences” are waste-free gifts that contribute to sustainability – but here we provide you also with other examples of how you can create an impact by gifting:
Buying fair trade products – sounds banal – thus, is a good start and an eco-friendly option to the mass-produced counterparts. A gift of this type is not only a gift for one- but for the entire globe.
The gifts we buy should be meant to last. Therefore, choosing quality over quantity is another crucial point that makes this world better. How about a book about real consciousness and the power of silence? “Silencio – 10 Unlikely Places of Silent Energy and Peace”, written by Elena Rodriguez Blanco, sums up the importance of inner peace while travelling and the awareness that life happens wherever we settle down and listen. In stressful Christmas- preparations it might be a suitable gift – an incentive to behold to our inside and enjoy this peaceful and contemplative time next to our beloved ones.
And of course the final touch of our gifts that identify the gift as a gift and gives it an unusual sensation - the wrapping paper. All that wrapping paper might be the worst part of the waste that is being produced every year around Christmas time. However, there is a better way: Sustainable wrapping paper out of recycled material will make a relevant change – try it out!
As soon as Christmas comes, as soon it is over and sooner as we can imagine we are back to our daily routine. The goal should be for all of us to maintain this sustainable consciousness during everyday life – it will be necessary to create a positive impact in this world.
Start with small steps – a change is a process that needs time. Maybe we can begin this Christmas – can you already think of something?
Start with small steps – a change is a process that needs time. Maybe we can begin this Christmas – can you already think of something?
Sustainable gifting should be for the good of the entire earth. Try to give this year by keeping the motive in mind, and I am sure every present you choose will be the right gift for your beloved ones.
Authenticitys featured in Responsible Gift Guides
18 December, 2018 at 10:52 am 0


A Christmas present from the heart - there are hardly better things we can imagine of. This year we would like to present you some ideas that are not only from the heart- but also a contribution to shaping the world positively. Our social impact Startup Authenticitys has been featured in the responsible gift guide of Proyectos Ship2B, a foundation that focuses on helping entrepreneurs to accelerate their projects. The primary objective of the Ship2B Foundation is to promote a new way of conceiving the business world by demonstrating that companies can be created to solve the significant social and environmental challenges and at the same time – be profitable. Thus, they are supporting entrepreneurship and impact investment and connect entrepreneurs and their projects with their community of investors.
To make the public and our society familiar with different projects and organisations that contribute to creating an impact in our world, they launched a unique catalogue, presenting the various products and visions of each entrepreneurship.
As a responsible gift guide for Christmas, this catalogue provides different options for consumers to buy products, experiences or make donations to transform this beautiful time of the year a little more responsible with the environment and our society.
In this sense, Authenticitys can proudly be part of one of these featured “responsible entrepreneurs” presenting their tourism-transforming experiences in cities along with NGO’s and other social companies. Experiences that allows the visitor to see different sides of the town, off-the-beaten-path and at the same time supporting a social purpose. Moreover, Authenticitys is also featured in the Sustainable Christmas Guide of this year's B Corporation Campaign. In this special gift guide you might find another inspiration about sustainable gifting. An unforgettable tour to the Barceloneta - beach with fishermen, an alternative walking tour through the paths of the bohemian and emergent - barri del Born- neighborhood or a special dinner with Syrian refugees - any gift of this type is a relevant step towards sustainability and a social impact. If you want to know more about responsible gifts for Christmas and get to know different visions to shape this world positively - take a look at the Responsible Gift Guide of Proyectos Ship2B and the Sustainable Christmas Guide of B Corporations and get inspired!

Foto:©Certified B Corporations

Barcelona 2018 – A Significant Year for Responsible Tourism
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Foto: © WTM

We are almost at the end of 2018. Now is the moment we can look back to a year full of significant events, conferences and changes that contribute to creating a sustainable tourism industry. In this sense, each year the WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards are presented at the WTM London, the biggest responsible tourism conference worldwide. One Overall Winner, Eight Golds and Six Silvers have been awarded in this year’s World Responsible Tourism Awards, presented on November 7th. The awards are not only the intent to inspire others to stimulate new initiatives and innovations of the industry but also to showcase and distinguish great examples of the Responsible Tourism industry. The World Responsible Tourism Awards 2018 recognized the city of Barcelona as the overall winner. By avoiding negative and divisive language in discussing the impact of tourism in this city and by actively addressing severe problems like overtourism, Barcelona managed to be acknowledged as an outstanding example in the tourism industry. What can be achieved to contribute to sustainable tourism? How can others be challenged to do as well or better? Barcelona got the 2018 overall winner award, due to the range of management methods that the city has used to do so in order to achieve a sustainable tourism industry. Thus, it is seen with a potential to educate and challenge other destinations to respond to certain issues, to do more and eventually to increase the positive economic, social and environmental impacts. “It is a significant achievement, it marks you out as a leader in Responsible Tourism; and it carries a responsibility to exercise leadership.” Also, Michael Palin shared his vision on why the Responsible Tourism Awards are so important to this industry: “Getting to know more about each other remains one of the most important hopes for the peaceful future of the planet. If we are really to understand each other better, then we need to be reminded to travel carefully and thoughtfully, listening to people along the way and respecting the world we are privileged to travel through. The Responsible Tourism Awards are one of the most important ways in which we can understand how to travel better. “ Authenticitys, as a significant social impact startup was shortlisted in the WTM Responsible Tourism Speed Networking Buyers 2016 at the World Responsible Tourism Day for ‘responsible travelling’. Based in Barcelona, Authenticitys can proudly be part of the city that was awarded as the overall winner in the World Responsible Tourism Awards 2018.

Foto: © Ayuntament de BCN

Without doubt, the tourism industry needs to share crucial information and expertise about solutions and the positive outcomes of sustainable tourism in order to increase the management intervention that contributes to addressing the problems that the tourism industry is facing. Entrepreneurs, experts but also all interested people need to gather regularly to exchange different missions and visions – and thus, to create a common bond for Sustainable Tourism. The past year contributed to a great extent to that work, and we are more than excited to follow the positive outcomes and new initiatives in 2019.          
Experiencing Art through Travel
11 December, 2018 at 2:46 pm 0

Foto: © Authenticitys

  “When you visit a country, visit the forgotten artisans of the narrow streets because they are the ones who made that country! Do this, not to honour them but to honour yourself!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan   This blog post might serve as a reflection about the authenticity of travelling. Let’s think about what that word might mean in relation to both travel and art. So, if you think about travelling, you usually try to search for an authentic experience, something that goes beyond a typical encounter with a new culture of a country. “Travel like locals”- how often do we try to obtain this experience? You see, all too often art can be seen as an expression of showing the own culture, to demonstrate the lived experiences and the learning process. The artist’s work is a reflection of what his or her mind is about. Probably, what most of you always associated with travel in Europe is the exploring of museums, cathedrals and other historic buildings. Thus, the discovering of authentic art in a culture is part of tourism and travel. In this sense, the authentic experience of a culture that you visit is often given through the eyes of art you see and experience there. Probably the main reason why writing about the experience of art through travel is important is to show that art and travel aren’t far away from each other – contrariwise - they have some crucial connection points. Discovering beauty The experience of local art might provide you with an alternative side to learn from another culture and a deeper cultural understanding of the country you visit. However, it is not enough to find out what different ways of expression exist and to learn the disparities to your own culture. The condition is to try to understand the culture through local art. Only by then, the real beauty of a new culture can be discovered. “The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine There are plenty of things to be gained from going abroad: new friends, new experiences, new stories. And of course – new attitudes towards life. But travelling into another country may come with another benefit, too: Some scientists say it can also make you more creative. Imagine this prospering creativity that comes through travelling by discovering local art in your journey – a double learning effect. If you are really open to discover the beauty of a different culture through art, there are plenty of possibilities waiting for you. Maybe one of the most authentic local art expressions in a city can be seen in Street Arts. Like in on of our experience tours in Athens you are getting to know a different side of the town through the eyes of one of the most provocative and celebrated artists there. By experiencing this type of local art, you will gain a profound understanding of what is happening at the heart of the city through an unconventional way and support the artistic community that thrives there. Another example leads us to the local art experience in Buenos Aires, where you have the chance to visit the main galleries of contemporary art in the city with a specialist guide in this field. If you have ever wondered how a local artist sees his own culture – these experiences take you through the underworld of art and provide you with a deep understanding, far away from “normal” tourism. And of course – the pure beauty of artisan art pieces show precise traditions of a culture where you get to know the local side better. Like in tours through the Artists colony in Delhi the creative local communities can be inspiring for your own creativity and a stimulation to understand the foreign culture. In general, we should all invest more time and thoughts about art and the individual expression of views while we are travelling – because it is an alternative but direct way to discover the beauty of the culture in the country or city we are visiting.

Foto: © Authenticitys