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19 October, 2018 0

elena.authenticitys.conference.valladolidValladolid – This week started in the city of Valladolid with the 1st UNWTO Conference on ‘City Breaks’, a reflective and solution-oriented exchange about creating innovative experiences for city tourism.

On the 15th and 16th of October 2018 people from different parts of the world came together for the international event to listen to representatives from Google, Tripadvisor, Amadeus, Civitatis and Authenticitys discussing ‘City Breaks’: Creating Innovative Experiences. One of the conference speakers was Elena Rodriguez Blanco, the Co-founder of Authenticitys, talking about the social impacts urban tourism can bring with it.

Organized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) this conference aimed to reflect and discuss different areas of specialization that can contribute to the successful positioning of urban destinations as City Breaks. The conference served as a multicultural dialogue, exchanging different perspectives, experiences, and ideas that contribute to the rising trend of ‘City Breaks’ and to the leisure experience of traveller.

Each speaker presented successful cases and experiences of new tourism segments from their own area of expertise, to discover the importance of ensuring quality visitor experiences and creating tools for attracting different kinds of travellers.

CityBreaks Conference in Valladolid 2018

How do we understand and manage urban tourism growth beyond perceptions?

By exploring together the innovative strategies and solutions a city can bring with it, such questions were discussed and tried to be answered. Not only the positioning of cities as sustainable and competitive urban destinations play a crucial role. Also the question of how to address the challenges arising from the growing popularity of short-holidays and the effective planning and managing of these challenges, such as connectivity, accessibility and the infrastructure need to be treated thoroughly.

With the growing demand of city tourism, bringing together innovative ideas, experiences and know-how has become more important than ever. It can be seen as the inspirational pool and key to contribute to the development of destinations as city breaks and especially, to ensure the quality of life of its residents.



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