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25 October, 2018 0

The Gaudi World Congress 18 In Barcelona

Barcelona – The 3rd Gaudi World Congress (GWC) 2018 in Barcelona has ended and we can look back to a successful and – literally -“original” event full of creative and innovative minds. As Antoni Gaudi quotes: “Originality consists of returning to the origin”. For this reason, experts from the past and the present came together last Friday, 19th of October for the Originality and Innovation GWC 18 to get to the core of some of the world’s most pressing issues and to exchange on how to solve them with creativity and originality.

The unconventional location of this conference in the Bellesuard Tower, one of Antoni Gaudi’s most iconic buildings, offered a unique atmosphere – open for a dialogue between creative minds all over the globe.

From Innovation and Leadership, over the unknown Gaudi and Design to the question of Sustainability – the program at the GWC congress provided a varied program. Not only were there included important insights from great individuals representing some of the biggest industry leaders, but also different talks and panels on relevant issues, like innovation, creativity, and sustainability.

Authenticity’s Co-founder Elena Rodriguez Blanco and Marc Buckley, official UN SDG advocate, and Social Innovation, Climate Change Agriculture, Food and BeverageExpert Network member of the World Economic Forum, were talking on the topic “Sustainability and Social impact”.

How can we channel all of our actions to creating a better society? On the basis of questions like this Rodriguez Blanco and Buckley focused on solution-based outcomes for optimising the social structure, business models and therefore to help the environment and the society to prosper in a sustainable way. Like Marc Buckley’s mission says: “to empower billions of global citizens to live an adaptive lifestyle of health and sustainability within planetary boundaries”.

Moreover, as a central focus, the Congress discovered interesting and mostly unknown details about the famous modernist Antoni Gaudi and his impact on society. This implied a guided tour in one of Gaudi’s most emblematic buildings: the Bellesguard tower.

Besides, all guests at the GWC 18 had the opportunity to unleash their creativity through mosaic workshops, by creating a “Trencadis”- Gaudi’s mosaic.

And last but not least: networking opportunities! The Gaudi World Congress in Barcelona of course also provided a lot of space and time to meet the greatest minds all around the globe, including the Kairos society and many other industry leaders, experts and entrepreneurs.

Although there is still a long way to go – the GWC 18 was a great step forward to get the core of the things that create the most serious problems in our world – and thus to generate a sustainable society and surroundings for our future!

See more details and fotos of the GWC 18:

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