The Responsible Tourism Topics 2018 – What Comes Next?

10 January, 2019 0

The year 2018 is passed and the debate over responsible tourism is spreading quickly.

Looking back from a retrospective, the WTM Responsible Tourism sums up the most relevant debates regarding responsible tourism into the following:

First of all, the World Responsible Tourism Awards 2018, awarded the city of Barcelona as the overall winner. In our article “Barcelona 2018 – A Significant Year for Responsible Tourism” you can find detailed information about this special award and what it means for our social impact startup Authenticitys to be based in the city, with a significant status for responsible tourism.

Another crucial topic of debate last year were the floods of Venice, that showed that the issue of overtourism have negative consequences on climate change. The frequent protests of locals in Venice against the travelling masses in the city are not unknown. The truth is, Venice has always been a hotspot for travellers. However, the consequences of the climate change, and thus, the approximating floods in Venice that are foreseen in the future have shown the connection between overtourism and climate change, which should be taken serious.

In this sense, the WTM Responsible Tourism has given an insight in addressing the problem of overtourism at the WTM congress in London. Especially the city of Barcelona, as the overall winner of the WTM Awards 2018, is mentioned as an outstanding example that has led the way in addressing the challenges of overtourism.

Thirdly, it is important to mention the debate about “Black Friday” and its impact on tourism. For so many people in this world, this day is the most important shopping day of the entire year. However, the debate in relation to sustainable tourism is turning the subject and proposes to using this day to leave a positive impact in our world. “What might happen if we used this opportunity not as another saleable moment, but instead as a teachable on?”

In our blog post about Sustainable Shopping  you can read about the #BuyNothingDay movement and get an alternative view about this annual ‘event’.

What can be said for sure is that the list of topics in the tourism industry that are needed to be addressed is extending and thus, the collaboration of innovative and progressive entrepreneurships needed in order to create a positive impact for a more sustainable world.

“The name doesn’t matter, Responsible Tourism is a broad agenda and there are many groups pursuing particular issues, all of them important.” As mentioned in the Responsible Tourism Program, every initiative that is contributing to a more sustainable tourism industry is relevant and the collaboration with different entrepreneurs necessary.

The responsible of responsible tourism is to enable the people on this world to travel freely and with pleasure. The challenge, however, lies in guaranteeing this freedom and at the same time creating awareness of sustainability and the positive impact that the tourism industry has to produce.

“Because, great places to live are great places to visit.”

Another year lies ahead and we are excited to see the outcomes that bring 2019.

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