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29 October, 2018 0

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Barcelona – How can we tackle Europe’s most pressing challenges through collective impact?

The Kairos EU Summit 18 started its first day on Friday, 19th of October with the Co-organizer  of the Gaudi’s World Congress (GWC). A congress, where creative and innovative minds, including the Kairo Society, came together to exchange on sustainable and innovative solutions for outstanding issues in society, incorporating the individual’s creativity, art and originality in order to create social impact.

As a global community of top students and global leaders, the Kairo Society aims to find solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Starting with identifying challenges of industries or governments, they try to collaborate with the greatest minds and experts to find strategies and to address these problems.

For this reason, from 19th to 21st of October 2018 people from all around the globe gathered at the Kairos EU Summit 18 in Barcelona, where influential industry leaders, mentors, startups and entrepreneurs shared their visions, ideas, and solutions for the future.  The social impact entrepreneurs from Authenticitys were also invited to join the conference, among others.

By designing and hosting experiences that will leave a positive impact in the city you visit conferences like the Kairos EU Summit serves Authenticitys as a mentor and tool for reflection to foster their commitment, to create new ideas and get new inspirations, visions, and initiatives by other social entrepreneurs and experts.

Also for other guests, the initiative of the Kairo Society was inspiring: “A great community on the verge to better the world through push endurance and tenacity. Thanks for having me”, twittered one of the guests, Christoph Auer-Welsbach, Co-founder of TheCityAI.

How can we tackle Europe’s most pressing challenges through collective impact?

Around the central question of the summit, various speakers like David Roman (Founding Editor-in-Chief of WIRED magazine), Corinne Vigreux (Founder of TomTom) and Jaan Tallinn (Co-Founder of Skype) exchanged their reflections and visions to address the biggest issues in Europe in healthcare, education, immigration, and climate change.

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The program of the Summit, in continuation to the GWC on 19th of October, provided interactive think tank sessions, dialogues, panel discussions, on topics like “Technology- Education’s Enemy or Ally?” or “Who designs the future?”.

Relevant questions that the world has to confront these days: “The need for tech talent and good coders will keep on growing in Europe and across the world” –  states TomTom Co-Founder Corinne Vigreux in a panel with David Rowan and Skype Co-Founder Jaan Tallin.

For a harmonic rounding off, after intensive days of reflection, the experts and industry leaders had the option to spend the last day of the Kairos EU Summit enjoying unconventional and unique activities and action experiences that Barcelona has to offer.

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Fotos of the Kairos Summit 18 to find here!

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