Smart Cities turning into Sustainable Cities

20 November, 2018 0

Barcelona – Another year the SmartCity Expo World Congress (SCEWC) opened its doors to the public and provided powerful debates on topics that went deep into the key issue for the future of our cities. The congress started its first day on the 13th of November and ended with the 15th – three days full of inspiring activities, networking, meetings and much more.

The initiative of the Smart City Expo World Congress provides a unique meeting in order to share and exchange visions and ideas for urban innovation worldwide. The goal of promoting social innovation for cities and identifying the opportunities that come along with it is to create a better future for the cities we live in and thus, to increase the living quality of the citizens.

The format for 2018 focused mainly on 5 main topics, generating discussions and dialogue roundtables between leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, and experts: Digital Transformation, Urban Environment, Mobility, Inclusive & Sharing cities, and Governance & Finance.

Foto © Fira Barcelona

Based on the values of social inclusion and empowerment these focus topics should contribute to creating awareness and to further critical reflection between the citizens of the different cities worldwide in order to establish a caring society.

Thus, creating sustainable cities is a top priority for the SCEWC. In this sense, the initiative of “Towards Zero Waste” that aims to reduce waste and increase the efficient use of our resources is becoming more and more important.

However, not only the questions of how to establish sustainable cities but also how to promote a social impact that citizens and tourists can leave was running like a common thread through the Congress, stimulating speakers and participants to reflect on the most critical issues facing cities today.

Foto © Fira Barcelona

Social Impact Startup Authenticitys participated in the SmartCity Expo World Congress 2016, introducing to the public its main goal of providing social impact experiences to tourists, in order to transform the way of travelling and to leave a positive impact in the cities. Authenticitys has always seen the relevance of conferences like SmartCities. Especially nowadays, it has become an important happening, as the content is heading more and more towards sustainability, rather than only technological processes and innovations.

In this sense, social entrepreneur and Nobel Prize laureate, Muhammed Yunus contributed to this year’s highlights as a speaker about “A world of three zeros: The New Economics of Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon Emissions”.

In his speech, he offered his vision of an emerging new economic system and the change that will come through the action of the people and the emergence of new social businesses.

Foto © Yunus Centre

Also, other speakers like Jason Roberts, Founder of the Oak Cliff Transit Authority and the Better Blog Project, Bettina Warburg, Co-founder of Animal Ventures and Robert Muggah, Research director and Co-founder of Igarapé Institute gave inspirational talks and lectures to further discuss how we can shape the cities of the future.

After the successful and inspiring SmartCity Expo 2018, we are looking forward to more next year, hoping to be able to observe already the first outcomes and impacts of the Conference.


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