Social Impact Through Language and Culture Exchange

9 November, 2018 0

Since last year, the social impact platform Authenticitys collaborates with the project of Abrazo Cultural, which offers language courses, cultural workshops and intercultural experiences with migrants in Barcelona.

Abrazo Cultural is an open space organized by people from different backgrounds that provides not only cultural workshops and events but offers as well language courses, given by refugees. The cultural workshops include, among other things, the Arabic script, Syrian cookery courses, as well as decoration and handicraft workshops. These activities provide the experience to learn from other cultures, share cultural experiences and connects people from different cultural backgrounds.
Besides, the language courses contribute to foster the intercultural understanding between people and is an intent to break our cultural and national borders.

How can we contribute to avoiding dehumanization of refugees in the cities we live in?

“Being a refugee is the most pervasive cruelty that can be exercised to human beings. You are forcibly robbing this human being of all aspects that would make human life not just tolerable but meaningful in many ways” (Weiwei, 2016).

With these words from his documentary “Human flow”, the Chinese contemporary artist and activist, Ai Weiwei reveals the plain truth of a refugee’s fate and brings out the dehumanizing reality.

The ‘simple’ fact of being a refugee already brings a dehumanization with it: the exigency of leaving behind everything you set up in your life and, in a sudden, find yourself in a continuous uncertainty and constrained restlessness is what marks the questionable condition of the human beings. All the more, these individuals should get an exceptional status to help them to preserve their dignity and to encourage them to a trustful and forward-looking attitude.

The focus of projects like Abrazo Cultural is set on the necessity of a mutual commitment and the collaboration in order to recognize the individuals behind a “fleeing mass” and to help to maintain the humane conditions of refugees. Our solidarity is required and necessary in society to maintain or establish a stable and connected community. Especially for people who have to flee from their countries of origin, because of war or other reasons, we have to open our doors and arms and provide the chance to get equally involved in our society.

Thus, the collaboration of Authenticitys with the organization Abrazo Cultural is an intent to sensitize people to obtain and impart intercultural awareness and to demonstrate the necessity of social responsibility by connecting with people seeking asylum.

Travelling with the aim of learning from refugees contributes to a great extent to the establishment of an equal-based society and generates positive outcomes of the intercultural encounter.

By choosing the social impact of equality, considering the roots of humanity and holding on to our insight, one might be able to put oneself in the other’s position and therefore erase the dehumanizing danger of refugees.

“Abrazo Cultural” Foto: © Abrazo Cultural

“Learning from each other” Foto: © Abrazo Cultural

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