The continual rise of Startup Ecosystems: Barcelona and Vienna

8 November, 2018 0

As one of Europe’s most dynamic startup ecosystem, especially in the field of new technologies (Internet, Mobile Software & Services, e-commerce, Big Data, and Tourism), Barcelona has become a treasured hotspot for entrepreneurs and experts to create new companies and businesses.

Furthermore, our co-founder of the social impact startup Authenticitys, Elena Rodriguez-Blanco made it to the list of the most influential evangelists of active entrepreneur leaders in the startup ecosystem of Barcelona.

Developed by the Barcelona Founder Institute, this updated list of the “Barcelona Startup Guide” serves entrepreneurs as a guide and overview of all relevant steps for establishing a startup. What is more, it helps them to find useful resources they would need to build up their businesses.

The Founder Institute is a global platform of startups and mentors that help entrepreneurs to create their own technology business ideas and to give them a stable impact.

Foto: ©Barcelona Startup Ecosystem Guide

What impact does the startup ecosystem have?

Through the steady expansion of the startup ecosystem, the importance of a professional guide and an interactive setting about impact investing and social impact has raised a lot.

As an example of this necessity, the first Impact Investing Academy will take place in Vienna between the 8th and 9th of November 2018, gathering top experts of Impact Investing to exchange knowledge and experience in an interactive workshop setting.

In this context, Authenticitys itself was part of the Investment Ready Program in 2015, a program by #impacthub, based on the belief that “impact ventures play a vital part in accelerating the worldwide adoption of sustainable and inclusive technologies, policies, and behaviors”. Thus, the goal was to make impact ventures ready for investment, growth and international impact.

According to the 2018 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) the global startup ecosystem continues to grow, also as a result of the global connectedness and the technological progress. The global connectedness keeps startups at the leading edge of global knowledge about innovation and business models. This, in turn, provides the ability to engage with global customers from the earliest stages and increases the chance to distribute their message to the world.

This continual rise of startup ecosystems should be seen as a chance for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and experts from all corners of the world to actually realize a social impact, to spread their message and to reach the society.

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