The purpose of B Corporations

24 January, 2019 0

Foto: © Certified B Corporation

The world depends on the collaboration of initiative companies, the governments and the individual’s solidarity, and the motivation of nonprofit organization to transform this place into a better living space.

Certified B Corporations are called the businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance and help to face challenging problems of a community.  These so-called ‘B Corp companies’ aim to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable society and a positive impact for employers, culture and environment. Therefore, they are necessary as a crucial support to solve certain problems that the government and nonprofit organizations can not solve alone.

This year, our social impact startup Authenticitys was featured on the list of the last companies that have managed to be B Corp companies.

In this sense, Authenticitys was mentioned in the Sustainable Christmas Guide that motivated the public to contribute to a more sustainable Christmas by spending the money on more sustainable things, like experiences, for example.

In these times, including the issues of the climate change that is seriously harming this planet, organizations and progressive companies are necessary to work together to address certain problems and to help together to realizing long-term and purposeful actions.

Thus, the entrepreneurship movement helps to combine these purposeful issues with a concrete market expertise, in order to create new, groundbreaking strategies and to foster social engagement, which is inevitable to enable a positive change. Certified B Corporation Companies serve as exemplary pioneers in our society, to effect a positive change in order to leave an impact and footprint on this planet for the following generations.

Our global economy has the power to turn the world into a better living space in the future – thus, companies are needed that use their business as a force for good.



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