Time for a Change – Time for Us and our Planet

2 January, 2019 0

Have you thought about your New Year’s resolution for 2019?

Another 365 days lie ahead for us to put into practice everything we are planning to do. A change can happen every day and every time. However, New Year helps to mark an official and concrete beginning to set oneself a target

What are you waiting for?

Christmas is over – the peaceful and contemplative time still in our mind and the last time of the year 2018 done.

No more procrastinating – the time has come to think about your personal list for 2019 New Year’s resolutions. Probably on this list might not be missing a new destination you always wished to visit?

So, why don’t we start here?

Yes, there exist possibilities of turning our desire for travelling into something that creates an impact on our fellow men and environment. Together, step-by-step, we can make small sustainable decisions that will help lead to a significant change.

The three New Year’s resolutions related to travelling that should appear on your list for 2019:

1. “Think global, act locally”

A common saying, or better said, a principle that urges people to consider the health of our planet and thus take action in their own communities and cities. Without considering the global impact of our actions, how can we contribute to making this world a better place for our fellow men and future generations? Therefore, we have to start in our surroundings and to be more concrete – in our daily routine.

Indeed, it is easier to talk about changing our daily routine to a more sustainable lifestyle. The day-to-day stress, work and at the same time maintaining our social life often leave aside the time to think about a sustainable change in our daily routine.

All the more, it should be part of a resolution that needs to be achieved. It is never too late – if you decide to recycle paper, glass, and plastic and start using public transportation and bikes (or you will start after the list of 2019 New Year’s resolutions 🙂 ) you are on the right way to contribute to a positive impact in this world.

Of course, there is much more outside – let’s not forget our desire of seeing the globe’s cultural richness and dive into the world of sustainable tourism.

2. Connect with people from different cultures & support the local communities

If you choose to include intercultural experiences in your life and are curious to learn from new cultures – you always have the option of doing so and at the same time, leaving a positive footprint.
If there is a volunteering element involved, truly responsible travel businesses will work directly with local NGOs to ensure the program meets the needs of the community and are not just “feel good” experiences for travellers.

As we know, the primary goal should be a long-term positive impact. It is about the interpersonal exchange between locals and travellers that has the power to effectuate positive outcomes that not only enriches the traveller’s experience but also provides the local communities sustainable profits.

3. Support ideas that make the world better

Last but definitely not least – to be part of the chance that initiates a positive impact in our world we have to be part of the ideas that seeks to make the world better. We can be part of this movement if we strive to support different actions and understand the necessity of each individual’s participation and will to actually cause a change for the good. No matter if it is about the environment or intercultural coalescence – what matters is your own initiative to leave a positive impact that makes the world better.

2019 has begun. Start your journey into this New Year and make a change – for you, for us, and for the planet.

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