5 Top destinations for 2019: Secret Places to Travel

15 January, 2019 0

The New Year has begun and another full year ahead of new destinations in this world to discover.

There are a lot of secret places on this planet worth to travel, which have chosen sustainable environment-friendly tourism.
Sustainable Travel is Off-The-Beaten-Path Travel
To begin with, let’s focus on a lesser-visited place where there is a place to think outside the box. There is nothing worse in travel than too many tourists in one place. This is why sustainable tourism can be discovered off-the-beaten-path.
While enjoying the unique experience of travelling be conscious and aware of every moment.
Sustainable Travel is Mindful Travel 
Sustainable travel is slow and mindful travel. Thus, better to learn from one specific experience than rushing from one place to another and not be aware of anything new you see.
There are so many places in the world to explore that put their efforts towards sustainability and haven’t been yet visited too much.
We discovered 5 destinations that are definitely worth to visit next year.
Shortlisted as “Destinations of Excellence” for their initiative to create a positive impact, these destinations can be on your “sustainable travel list” for 2019:




Pure nature for young and old!

Foto: ©EDEN


For the ones, who love the nature and outdoor activities, the picturesque city of Sarreguemines at the border triangle of Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium is a must.
It is at the meeting point of the two rivers, called Blies and Sarre and in between of two UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. Therefore, fisherman, cyclists or hikers can enjoy several leisure activities around the area, like the ‘Velo visavis’ cycling network (nearly 300 km) and the favourite hiking trails through the woods and meadows.


2. THE BURREN, Ireland

Another UNESCO heritage region worth to visit is The Burren, in the southwest of Ireland. The UNESCO global geopark integrates fertile valleys, authentic villages and an outstanding and unique landscape. There you can also find the most extensive cave system in Irland, the largest stalactite in Europe and the Burren National Park.

Foto: ©EDEN

For all the food lovers- the region of The Burren has a vibrant food culture and offer tourists The Burren Food Trail, an opportunity to uncover the history of the area through its food.




Foto: ©EDEN

Foto: ©EDEN


The Marginimea Sibului is a region in Transylvania and known as the land of shepherds, sheep cheese and meat delicacies. All the traditional products, produced in the area reflects the richness of its land but also shows the cultural diversity.
An essential part of the regions culinary and cultural tradition is the various types of cheese of Marinimea Sibiului, which arrived from different specific production techniques.
This fascinating cultural experience of the region of Romania gives you an insight into real authentic country life – an experience definitely worth to live.





Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve is a pedestrian city in the province of Walloon Brabant in Belgium with a unique atmosphere and a lot of charm.
It is a very young, creative and multicultural city with very green surroundings that consist of two separate town centres.

Foto: ©EDEN

This destination has a lot of cultural activities to offer – from museums and theatre-shows to authentic restaurants and welcoming shop experiences.

Visiting this authentic region of Walloon Brabant in Belgium is definitely an off-the-beaten-path experience you will not quickly forget.




5. PLATELIAI, Lithuania


Foto: ©EDEN

The region of Plateliai in the Zemaitija National Park is one of the parts in Lithuania that preserves old traditions like at Old Shrove Tuesday.
If you want to visit this beautiful area of Northern Lithuania, it is definitely worth during this period to experience devils, witches, goats and other frightening characters appear in costumes during Shrive Tuesday.
During these famous festival days, you can taste the traditional regional foods, like the round pancakes, reminding the round sun.
Apart from the cultural and culinary traditions the Plateliai Lake, which is the centre of attention in the Zemaitia National Park and the most beautiful lake of Lithuania, is an excellent place for walking an cycling trails.
This area is a fantastic secret hotspot that definitely is worth a journey.

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