Authenticitys presents SOFE – the Barcelona Chapter
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Authenticitys presents SOFE – the Barcelona Chapter

16 February, 2017 0

An interactive course for Fashion Entrepreneurs and Fashion Entrepreneurs-To-Be Social, Sustainable, Local!

Participate and leverage a network of local and European social and sustainable fashion entrepreneurs to grow your business.

SOFE (Social and Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurs) is an educational experience: from workshops, mentoring and e-learning courses across five European countries (Spain, Greece, The Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom). With an interactive e-learning platform, the course is tailor-made for the challenges young fashion entrepreneurs face, focusing on collaboration as means to grow your business.

Authenticitys is a social enterprise creating learning experiences and tours across cities, for travel with a positive impact. As the creator of the Authenticitys challenge, experiential learning for a positive impact is part of our DNA. We are excited to present SOFE as the newest addition to our portfolio of learning experiences.

SOFE focuses on collaboration for a positive shift in the fashion industry, by addressing some of the most pressing challenges fashion entrepreneurs face today.

Participants benefit from

  • Access to e-learning materials about business skills, engagement, forms of collaboration, supply-chain management and building effective networks tailor-made to the industry needs
  • Activities and exercises that push the entrepreneurs to collaborate and co-create – in a learning-by doing approach
  • A handbook showing best-practice case examples from five European countries and how they effectively collaborate
  • Access to a network of social and sustainable fashion entrepreneurs across the five participating countries
  • Two off-line workshops in Barcelona, to meet fellow entrepreneurs, guest speakers and an interactive workshop
  • Access to group and individual mentorship


  • SOFE aims to bring together a community of young entrepreneurs to learn together and collectively solve some of the challenges they face
  • Gain better understanding of impact and help entrepreneurs maximize theirs
  • Learn from best-practice examples across Europe to innovate processes and business models and collaborate
  • Learn about new markets
  • Learn from fellow entrepreneurs

How does it work?
Sign up by filling out the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SOFE2016
We have the capacity to mentor 20 Entrepreneurs locally and for FREE!

Authenticitys: why SOFE?

Authenticitys has dedicated itself to transforming the way we travel into a learning experience for positive change. And what do people do when they travel? They tour the city, they eat and they shop. That’s why, we at Authenticitys have decided that social and sustainable fashion entrepreneurs offer ample opportunity to benefit a city’s ecosystem, particularly in our hometown, Barcelona, known for design and booming tourism.

Authenticitys offers sustainable fashion tours, in which travellers and locals can meet designers engaging in practices such as upcycling, produce and design locally, or collaborate with workshops employing workers at risk of social exclusion. Travellers learn about local design; and best of all shop for feel-good souvenirs that tell a story. But we decided this is not enough. Social and sustainable fashion remains a niche and we want to boost the Barcelona eco-system by supporting local brands, designers and fashion entrepreneurs to grow their business, reach new customers and collaborate across Europe!


  • 6th of March 2017 (Monday), Webinar

The online course opens, participants form all five European countries can start meeting online and have access to the first e-learning module

  • 11th of March 2017 (Saturday), Barcelona, 9:30-17:30

The offline workshop for the participants will act as a meet and greet, you will meet your fellow entrepreneurs and mentors and we will kick-off the program with exciting workshops and guest speakers.

  • 20th of May 2017 (Saturday), Barcelona, 9:30-17:30

The second offline workshop will encompass additional guest speakers, act as a continued networking event and prepare you to pitch your business to investors, partners, customers!

  • 6th of July 2017 (Thursday), Athens

The SOFE Conference for Social and Sustainable Fashion invites all participants to attend the conference for free, meet your fellow Entrepreneurs from all five European countries. The award ceremony will honour the innovative, collaborative ventures with impact!

Let’s disrupt the European Fashion Industry!

Check out SOFE for more information!

Any queries you may have, suggestions, ideas and proposals for collaboration: sandra@authenticitys.com

We look forward to working with you!

Meet your mentor

Sandra Schoeber has been working with Authenticitys for almost two years (time flies!!!). She has experience mentoring social and sustainable start-ups across and array of industries and countries and researches business model innovation in social entrepreneurship. She has a passion for the creative industries and has been running SOFE’s research efforts in Spain as well as co-authored the SOFE Handbook, based around best-practice examples of collaborative social and sustainable fashion entrepreneurs across all our partner countries.

“To me SOFE is special because we went out and talked to sustainable fashion entrepreneurs in five different countries before designing the e-learning course. It’s not about teaching business to creatives, it’s about understanding their reality and supporting each entrepreneurial team to best leverage their skills and provide the space for them to learn from each other.”


We’re sure you have more questions, let us try and answer some of them directly!

  • How is the e-learning course structured?

Every three weeks a new module will be made available online. You can reach out to your fellow entrepreneurs via the online forum for advice and can schedule group and individual mentorship calls with your local team.

  • How much work is each module?

We are entrepreneurs as well; we know you are busy. Each module lasts 3 weeks and spans an approximate workload of 10 hours.

  • What does a module entail?

Each module is comprised with some theoretical background: reading material, shot videos or webinars and has individual and group exercises targeted to benefit your specific project and venture.

  • I’m interested only in a part of the content you offer; do I have to attend all of the online course?

We know some of you might already have expertise in parts of the course and though we encourage full participation, for the best learning experience for all. Full participation is not a must.

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