Designing Social Impact Transformational Experiences

1 May, 2021 0

Are you ready to future-proof your design?

Social Impact is no longer optional.

People are craving a deeper sense of meaning, connection, and transformation in their travel experiences.

At Authenticitys we have designed hundreds of social impact experiences for travellers, conferences, events, educational journeys in +40 countries.

All our experiences work towards the Sustainable Development Goals and are deeply memorable.

We believe that in order to change things we need more of us to be in this same boat together. This is why we want to share with you our “secret sauce” on designing for change.

Introducing our “Designing Social Impact Experiences” playbook, the ultimate guide for making ensuring social impact is part of your next travel, event, conference, team training, and even family vacation! We share with you the applied technique of how to think as a designer, and we walk through the steps of what has made Authenticitys’ experiences so memorable for the thousands of participants we’ve had in the last 8 years!

We of course also share some of the things that have gone wrong and what we have learned along the way…so that you don’t have to go through that trial and error. We want you to succeed in making a lasting social change that matters, that will make travel matter.
We share two extensive case studies of the applied methodology. All in a super, easy-to-follow playbook that will help you design any event.

Join the movement of organizations doing social change experiences that will transform not only the world, and you for the better!

Let’s transform travel…and events, learning journeys, training, and conferences.







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