IBTM World 2018 – a global encounter in a single hall

1 December, 2018 0

Foto: © Fira Barcelona

Barcelona – The biggest global event for the meetings and events industry, IBTM World 2018, took place from the 27th to the 29th of November 2018 and brought together nations from all over the world to promote their cultural richness, diversity, and variety of income-opportunities.

Taking place annually in Barcelona, the event aims to inspire the events world to deliver exceptional experiences for their customers. What normally takes a lot of time, planning and organization are possible in three days at one location: building face to face connections with the right people of different countries and companies; and of course, engaging in limitless networking opportunities.

Although the IBTM World circulates mainly on its central theme – the event meeting industry – another goal is to be able to demonstrate to other industries that the event industry does take sustainability seriously, what impact it has on the environment and how introducing sustainable meeting practices can make a positive difference.

This was a decisive factor for our social impact Startup Authenticitys to get to know the branches on the social impact of the different countries in the world, to create connections with the responsible persons, and to exchange different views and visions for sustainable tourism.

Thus, the IBTM 2018 did not only provide different talks and conferences that played an important role in getting this message out so that anyone can take part and start making positive changes in tourism. It was also a crucial event for Authenticitys to broaden its horizon and to get in touch with organisations, companies and different cultures that share similar visions of transforming the tourism industry.

Some of these official items about sustainability in the events and tourism industry where:

Day 1: “What do the UN Sustainable Development Goals mean for the future for the event industry?” The speaker Miguel Naranjo, programme officer of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn, Germany and Fiona Pelham, CEO of Positive Impact Events talked about taking action to address future trends and client demands related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how these actions can create new opportunities for the event industry.

Day 2: Guy Bigwood, group sustainability director of the MCI Group and Sam McNeill, general manager (UK/Europe) of SongDivision about the topic “Shine Bright Like a Diamond: How to add value, authenticity and fun to your next event through sustainability”.

Day3: Talk about “Developing a global sustainability strategy” by Emma Owens, partnerships manager, Positive Impact & Sustainable Events Ltd Generally speaking, the importance of sustainability in events and the tourism industry is growing more and more and spreading to the world. Thus – not without reason an important part of the biggest global tourism event, the IBTM World.

Foto: © Positive Impact

In this sense, the IBTM World comprises a vision for a sustainable event in 2020 that aims to demonstrate other industries and governments the relevance of the topic. It is an intent to discover how this can change the events and tourism industry and a start of making impact changes, introduced by the Positive Impact team. They provide content and presentations at the Sustainable Events Corner at IBTM and present internationally at events such as The Global Sustainable Events Summit on the practical and strategic implementation of sustainability.

A sustainable event industry for 2020 may sound idealistic, however not far away from what more and more industries are looking for.

… Might be a crucial reason for looking forward to IBTM World 2019?

Foto: © Positive Impact


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