Social impact experience: learning from refugee teachers
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Social impact experience: learning from refugee teachers

12 December, 2017 0
We just launched a set of new experiences in our platform: workshops with refugee teachers, as part of Abrazo Cultural project.

Abrazo Cultural is a school that offers language courses and cultural workshops taught by refugees in Barcelona.

The last 4th December, we journeyed with a group of 20 students of Tourism from Ostelea University and took them through a social impact experiences, and after a presentation and some dynamics we could put all theory into practice with the workshop of Arabic calligraphy.

The Arabic calligraphy workshop was taught by Diana Tchamitchian, from Syria. Diana talked about her story and some curiosities of her culture, as songs, food, habits, etc. After a short introduction, she explained the basic concepts of her mother tongue: Arabic. With videos and some fun exercises, the students could learn how to write and pronounce some simple words. In the end, everyone enjoyed some typical Syrian sweets.

From Abrazo Cultural, we also offer other experiences as workshops of Ukrainian dance, Syrian cuisine, Arab rhythms, Venezuelan cuisine, crafts with flowers, and more.

Check it out what students said about the experience:

“The experience has been great, understanding the ideology of the Authenticitys is great because you see that many organisations are already carrying out a social and sustainable experiences that benefit everyone.  The practical aspect of the experience was amazing and very interesting, also the part in which Diana showed us a bit about her culture was something we all loved”.

“The Arabic calligraphy workshop was very nice because Diana from Syria made us know her from her culture and her country and the place she called home”.

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