Find out why sustainability leaders are innovators and meet them next May 20 in Barcelona

9 May, 2017 0

A sustainability summit: 3 subjects in which sustainability can be applied


Travel, Education, and Fashion our core values for this sustainability summit. If you hadn’t had the chance to read about our event on May 20th in Barcelona (pssst! The Authenticitys Summit 2017), we want to take a moment to invite you to do so now!

This is what the summit and we stand for: sustainable travel, ethical fashion, alternative education and finding ways to put your toe, your hand or your whole self into these life-changing and heart-warming fields.


Authenticitys Summit 2017 in Barcelona May 20 at 10am

Find out where it’ll be: Team Labs, how much it costs: 7.53€ for early bird buyers, who’s talking and why we’re doing this for the 2nd year running on the Summit’s website.
Picture a panel, workshops, inspiring talks from different passionate entrepreneurs that work in these fields, the chance to connect with sustainability leaders who have become innovators in their disciplines. Take this opportunity to find like-minded people and understand how sustainability affects you and me!

Why sustainability is important for us and how we’ve applied it in the summit:

We believe there’s a way to travel and give back to the city you visit and by doing so, you also grow and transform as a person. You visit Barcelona for example, take a paddle surf lesson and help clean the beach whilst you learn the stories of the district the beach is in. Or you take a bike ride through the unseen side of Barcelona and visit an area, we are sure you wouldn’t casually stumble upon on your own and discover why this is. Get the tips, the stories of why it’s still under the radar and support a young entrepreneur who uses his revenue to support and NGO in Africa that has innovative educational projects.


We believe that when you travel you can forge meaningful connections with the people you meet along the way.

Find out how sustainable travel is possible from our speakers and the partners we work with to offer sustainable experiences throughout Europe and Latin America.


Seize the day and go and find out how create a more sustainable future!

Fashion-wise, during the summit you’ll learn about how you can transform the fashion world’s supply chains. If you love fashion, we also want to help you discover how and where to get the best garments designed and made by locals with friendly and non-exploitive techniques. Learn what sustainability in textiles is AND look amazing while purchasing sustainable garments.

We want to take it a step further yet for this sustainability summit, and will encourage you to unleash your inner fashionista, come to the Summit and get inspired by a sustainable designer’s hub find out where fashion designers find inspiration and how to join this network. Become an eco-friendly fashion trendsetters and sustainable game changer.

Learn about the theory of Blockchain and how it can become a facilitator for creating social impact and transforming our society in a better one.


Alternative Education is the third subject we chose for this sustainability summit. 

Alternative or sustainable education refers to how we interact in our work and everyday lives with technological advances such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. This progress demands that we rethink humanity and the ways we relate and learn. We will talk about new ways of learning, the advantages of sustainable education and effects it’s having even in universities. Get involved in how sustainable development begins with education.

The #ASummit2017 also has a competition for students in Barcelona who want to use their creativity to give back. If you feel inspired to use your creativity to create a change, this just might be it.
We’d love to see you at the Summit so we can share our dream with you and hear what you have to say! Take part in the #ASummit2017 and buy your early bird ticket and join us on May 20 in Team Labs.


If you’d like to find out more, please visit our Summit website or contact us!

We look forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts on travel education and fashion! Register here and get involved in the talks, workshops and the chance to network with amazing people.


P.S. If you know someone who might want to get their creative juices flowing or is a believer in a sustainable way of life, help them reignite their creative potential and find happiness in the travel, fashion and education fields by letting them know about the #ASummit2017!

P.S.2. Let’s connect! Follow the event and our news on InstagramFacebook or Twitter!

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