Sustainable Gifting – A Brief Insight

20 December, 2018 0

Every year the same nuisance:  “what should I give my boyfriend for Christmas this year?”  “What would my mother be happy about?” And: “What should I buy for them this year?” Year after year we are struggling with these thoughts, but in the end, these good thoughts and gifting end up in stress, disputes and a lot of trash.

Did you know that in the four weeks leading up to Christmas the household waste increases by 25 %?

No wonder, the pre-Christmas campaigns in shops and markets start early, in order to ensure that we all fall into the traps of consumerism.

However, this shocking amount of waste we produce every year before Christmas (apart from the waste we already leave during the rest of the year) affects our environment and thus, our entire world and species.
Let’s rethink our behaviour and let’s change the way we gift our beloved ones. Together, we can make small sustainable decisions that will help us to contribute to a positive change in our world.
Christmas is coming – a peaceful and contemplative time full of meaningful and beautiful traditions, where we all want to give pleasure to those we love.

First of all, let’s rethink about the necessity of gifting material things. How about giving a unique experience instead of a new sweater? Sometimes, the gift of experience means much more than providing a tangible gift – and often provokes a greater pleasure to the one who receives it. Concert tickets, a dinner for two or simply an of “togetherness” can be a great gift.

However, not only “experiences” are waste-free gifts that contribute to sustainability – but here we provide you also with other examples of how you can create an impact by gifting:

Buying fair trade products – sounds banal – thus, is a good start and an eco-friendly option to the mass-produced counterparts. A gift of this type is not only a gift for one- but for the entire globe.

The gifts we buy should be meant to last. Therefore, choosing quality over quantity is another crucial point that makes this world better.

How about a book about real consciousness and the power of silence?

“Silencio – 10 Unlikely Places of Silent Energy and Peace”, written by Elena Rodriguez Blanco, sums up the importance of inner peace while travelling and the awareness that life happens wherever we settle down and listen. In stressful Christmas- preparations it might be a suitable gift – an incentive to behold to our inside and enjoy this peaceful and contemplative time next to our beloved ones.

And of course the final touch of our gifts that identify the gift as a gift and gives it an unusual sensation – the wrapping paper. All that wrapping paper might be the worst part of the waste that is being produced every year around Christmas time. However, there is a better way: Sustainable wrapping paper out of recycled material will make a relevant change – try it out!
As soon as Christmas comes, as soon it is over and sooner as we can imagine we are back to our daily routine. The goal should be for all of us to maintain this sustainable consciousness during everyday life – it will be necessary to create a positive impact in this world.

Start with small steps – a change is a process that needs time. Maybe we can begin this Christmas – can you already think of something?

Start with small steps – a change is a process that needs time. Maybe we can begin this Christmas – can you already think of something?
Sustainable gifting should be for the good of the entire earth. Try to give this year by keeping the motive in mind, and I am sure every present you choose will be the right gift for your beloved ones.






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