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28 November, 2018 0

Foto: ©Greenpeace

Did you survive THE world’s biggest shopping day last week? How many of you could not resist this year’s Black Friday- shopping?

It’s no secret – for many people in this world, Black Friday is the most important shopping day of the entire year. Millions of so-called “Shopaholics” are ready to wait in line for hours and even to camp on sidewalks to rush through doors when the stores open, in order to get what they want – cheaper.

Sales, Sales, discount, more, more and more – every year on a usual Friday-November the same commotion.

Has this day become all about money, consumerism, and greed?

As with many other organisations, like Greenpeace, we from Authenticitys would like to present you an alternative point of view about “Black Friday”:

Ever heard of the campaigns #NoBlackFriday or #BuyNothingDay (#BND)?

Some people believe that Black Friday represents a consumer culture, which is harming the planet. Out of this belief and as a protest against the capitalist strategy behind Black Friday, the Buy Nothing movement encourages people to take a stand by buying nothing at all or only buying handmade or used goods.

Of course, the initiative behind Buy Nothing Day hopes that the idea will extend beyond just one day and provoke a new way of thinking and a sustainable solution.

There are tons of things to do, rather than falling into the track of capitalism and to spend the money on unnecessary articles.  More and more people are following this movement, spreading the critical message of sustainable awareness to the world and thus, triggering a new wave that is a step further to create a better world.

Of course, also the tourism industry is affected by the massive surge of Black Friday. All the offers and tempting possibilities that are spread through the media are often hard to resist, especially in a new city, where everything seems new and exciting.

All the more, it has become crucial for a sustainable world to behold to the insight, think twice and act in an alternative way. Watch out for our travel guide, sign up and get it for free.

You might ask yourself now – how can I do that?

There are a couple of things that offer you alternative solutions to “commercial shopping” where you support a sustainable environment. (Watch out our travel guide)

A first step could be your own signature shopping bag. We all know, plastic is not good for our planet, as they end up in landfills that take forever to process. Thus, cloth bags instead of plastic bags are a great way to make a statement and to contribute to sustainability.

And of course – shop local!

“When you buy from a small business, you’re not helping a CEO buy his third holiday home. You’re helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy his team jersey, moms and dads put food on the table. Shop local. ”

This quote sums up the shop local movement, one of our key messages. We believe that what you spend your money on is what you choose to empower. When it comes to travel, we’re passionate about giving urban travelers the chance to spend their money on businesses and initiatives that make communities better, rather than ones that build large international conglomerates more prosperous.

In this sense, there is also the option to find sustainable fashion stores that better transform the tourism industry.

The Sustainable Fashion Walkabout in “El Born”, is a tour Authenticitys provides,  as an alternative and sustainable fashion experience in Barcelona. With a local fashionista, you can explore the native designers, local boutiques and nature-inspired materials that make up Barcelona’s sustainable fashion scene. In this way, you will not only support the local economy but also ecological innovation and sustainability in the fashion world.

Forget Black Friday – celebrate Buy Nothing Day instead and transform the word “shopping” into a contribution for a sustainable environment.

Might be worth thinking about …








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