The Authenticitys Challenge is a fast-paced entrepreneurship experience where you learn-by-doing while creating a positive change in the city you live. It is an open initiative that tackles social problems by bringing together social enterprises, students, and tourists through a human-centred, learning-by-doing methodology.




The Authenticitys Challenge is a fast-paced entrepreneurship experience based on the most innovative entrepreneurial work to date. In an easy-to-follow workbook and key workshops, the Authenticitys Challenge guides you through 7 levels that help you create, run, pilot and retest a REAL experience, allowing you to live firsthand the entire cycle of being an entrepreneur. The learning journey guides you through the steps necessary to create an Authenticitys experience: a 4 hour “tour” or “activity” that allows consumers or tourists to connect with doing-good businesses in the city they visit or live.more_info

The Authenticitys Challenge is a unique opportunity for students to work in open city initiatives bridging the gap between doing-good businesses and consumers that believe their euro can be better distributed in the value chain. The challenge also allows for students to connect with the local ecosystem finding new and different ways to add value. The challenge has an important digital components and collaborative work is expected as students explore needs and passions, generate ideas and prototypes and test their results. Early “failure” is encouraged.


The Authenticitys Challenge was born from a very clear need: Students were not experiencing the entire cycle of entrepreneurship. Living through the motivation cycle, the chaos, the uncertainty… the challenge allows them to start planting the necessary attitudes and competencies students require for being an entrepreneur. Furthermore, the challenge:

  • Offers students the possibility to connect with local authentic experiences that bring social and environmental value to the city.
  • Support responsible tourism in cities, that breaks out of the current dominant paradigm of consuming without thinking of the impact. Creates possibilities of seeing tourism as a movement of social change and to create social value from it.
  • Discover an entrepreneurial approach around design thinking and lean start-up methodologies supported by leading professionals and companies.
  • Create relationships and be inspired over time through the link the students create with experts and social entrepreneurs in the city.
  • To provide local entrepreneurs another revenue stream which also builds their brand and followers.
  • Receive the Authenticitys certificate as an experience designer.



  • Students
  • Local artisans and entrepreneurs
  • Experts
  • Authenticitys Challenge Coach
  • Professors


Join as a University

Have the opportunity to participate in a social entrepreneurship project bringing together the local ecosystems of young talent, experts, entrepreneurs and a coach of the process.

Offer the students an opportunity to work with the latest methodologies on real problems in an open initiative and a collaborative learning experience. The 7 level methodology adapts so that it can be a part of an already existing course, or be developed as a stand alone challenge.

Bring forth multidisciplinary competencies that will allow students to unearth skills and develop a resilient attitude.

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Authenticitys Challenge Spring 2014

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