The Authenticitys Social Impact Report 2016

The Authenticitys Social Impact Report 2016

29 March, 2017 0

Our Social Impact Report is here!

At Authenticitys we believe in the importance of defining what social impact means, and ensuring that what we call a social impact experience actually has impact. Understanding impact is what makes us different, we measure and communicate our sustainability ethos.

Every participant of every Authenticitys’ experience knows how they have contributed and to which cause. We also believe in being part of the larger ecosystem, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and being part of the B Corp family.

In this report, we also share the essence of Authenticitys, our values, our manifesto, our journey thus far, and some plans. Our company is not just impact and experiences; there are also hearts and hands behind everything we do. You will meet people from our team and our partner community, the NGOs and social organisations that offer the experiences, so you can get to know first hand all the great people that are making travel more sustainable.

We are also very excited to be an active part of the UN International Year of Sustainable Tourism, and the report details some of our activities on this front. Last year we held our first Annual Summit: Travel, experiences and Cities.

In the report, you will be able to find the insights we had from our workshops and design thinking sessions. We had a strong focus on impact measurement and had experts like Daniela Freud from The School of Tourism and Hospitality St Ignasi, as well partners from India, Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona.

The Annual Summit is where we bring our community together to learn from each other, reflect with thought leaders about trends, and work around our main topics of Education, Travel, Technology and Design.

We are happy about the success of 2016, and looking forward to your thoughts on this Social Impact Report.


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