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Thursdays and Sundays at 2pm and on request
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Cascais, Portugal
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Visit Cascais through an artistic lense! Learn the wonderful story of a neighborhood that has united diverse ethnicities and generations through art. Let's talk about how this city’s past that has transformed into a bright future! This experience will not only leave a positive contribution to the local community but also to your stay in Portugal!
Impact of this experience
Get involved with different people portraying the day-to-day realities of this local neighborhood.
This is an opportunity for mutual growth, so that you a visitor learn but also for the beneficiaries to learn from you.
Contribute to the development of social and professional skills for your guides and beneficiaries.
Support entrepreneurship and the ongoing positive practices and bonds between young people and their local community.
Thanks to this experience it has been possible to achieve:
Help create a more sustainable future
Invest in youth-led initiatives
Invest and support social institutions
Increase awareness and break through barriers and stereotypes
Train young people in an employable activity
Invest in cultural projects
• Time: 2 hours

• Guide: Local guide

• Languages: English

• Frequency: Thursdays and Sundays at 2pm and on request

• Good for: Adults, families, solo travelers, groups, students and professionals

• Participants: 2-15

• It includes:
A two-hour walking tour around the ‘Torre’ neighborhood, you’ll see the most important urban art works, visit an open air museum in Cascais and earn about the neighborhood’s darker past, its unique transformation and new found sense of community.

Cascais through an artistic lense was born with the purpose of valuing the capacity of mobilization and the initiative that the group ‘Somos Torre’ has had in its community. In fact, the Bairro da Torre has gained a new sense of community, reflecting itself, too, in intergenerational relations.
Exploring this neighbourhood you'll receive a friendly smile, a "Bom Dia!" (Hello!) or a curious look from a balcony, you’ll feel a real sense of community and friendship that for many years hadn't been seen here.

During your experience you will get to visit an open-air museum that introduces you to the story of a community full of colours, feelings, change, friendships and equalities. You’ll enjoy a stroll through the streets of the Torre neighborhood, revealing their true stories through their street-art filled buildings that once used be covered with racist graffiti.

Discover how an urban art gallery has transformed this neighborhood and shifted the perception of visitors and locals alike.
In addition to dressing the buildings with colour, joy, and positivity, these true works of art have covered up the racist and xenophobic messages that were there before. This has had a huge effect on the city, it has provided opportunities to the local youth, reconnected people and immortalized stories of this neighborhood that once housed many fishermen from the Cascais Sea.

As you stroll the streets of the ‘Bairro da Torre’, you'll hear thought-provoking stories of transformation, overcoming and unity told by young local guides who will share their experience and perspective. These guides are trained by the group ‘Somos Torre’ and by ImpacTrip.
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