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Friday & Saturday afternoons
From 30
Vienna, Austria
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Experience historical Vienna through the eyes of a homeless person. This experience is part of a social business that employs homeless people who are trained to become tour guides. The founders of this amazing project started working for while they themselves were homeless, some of their staff still are. They are working to explain to visitors what homelessness is like, what challenges there are and what solutions the social system offers. Their aim is to improve and stabilize their living situation.
Impact of this experience
You'll learn about Vienna and the culture.
Your guide will tell you about his/her personal story and will try and make you understand that not every homeless person “deserves to be homeless”.
You'll help support our guides on a financially and emotionally.
Your guide will provide you with insight and personal experience surrounding the challenges of homelessness and also explain how the city tackles poverty and develops its social system around these challenges.
You'll learn about an unseen side of the city and support job opportunities for homeless people in the process.
Our goal is to reduce prejudices and to open up a new perspective on the city!
Thanks to this experience it has been possible to achieve:
Connect people through this experience
Discover beauty
Invest in the local economy
Re-Integrate guides into the labour market
Train young people in an employable activity
Support guides and their tour organizer
• Time: 2h

• Guide: Unique guide

• Languages: English and German

• Frequency: Friday & Saturday afternoons

• Good for: Adults, students and professionals

• Participants: 2-15

• It's a walking tour that could involve public transportation

This tour will help you learn how Vienna is responding to the challenges of homelessness from someone who knows it best: a person who has experienced it first hand.

The complexity and challenges of living life as a homeless person are seldom told, and this tour offers you an opportunity to learn from a person who you might otherwise not ever speak to.

By participating, you'll also help support our guides on a financial, emotional, psychological and re-integration level and provide an opportunity for homeless people to find a way out of homelessness.
2 reviews  
Alex S.
August 2016
Great tour! It was fascinating to learn about homelessness in Vienna, a very eye opening experience for me, would strongly recommend.
Stephanie Q.
August 2016
Very informative Q&A about homelessness in Vienna and the existing social structures in place in Austria. Would highly recommend for anyone seeking to support a local sustainable development initiative :) :) :)
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