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Everyday upon request.
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Cuenca, Ecuador, Ecuador
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The ‘Cañari’ are the first people to have ever lived in the provinces of Azuay and Cañar in Ecuador. The indigenous Cañari are determined to sustain a way of life some fear is disappearing. During this experience you’ll be in a unique place where you’ll be able to connect with a local Andean family in the Kushi Waira community share their culture; join in their everyday activities of rural life, learn about gardening, medicinal plants, energetic cleansing and enjoy their music and traditional Cañari food.
Impact of this experience
Cultural and historical immersion of a pre-Incan community.
You’ll support a local family business.
You’ll help sustain an ancient culture, learn about gardening, medicinal plants, energetic cleansing and their holistic view of life and the planet, very coherent and respectful of nature.
Thanks to this experience it has been possible to achieve:
Invest in the local economy
Share cultural heritage stories
Connect people through this experience
Promote local economy initiatives
Discover beauty
Support ideas that make the world better
• Guide: Local expert guide

• Time: Whole day 6-8h

• Language: Spanish & English

• Frequency: Every day upon request.

• Good for: Adults, groups and companies.

• Participants: 2-12

• Transport to and from and the city of Cuenca

• Food, drinks.

The small Kushi Waira community is a local organization led by Alfonso, whose aim is to promote responsible tourism and show the indigenous traditions of local people. And all this in small groups.

You’ll get picked up from your hotel in Cuenca and be driven to the community in the middle of the mountains, only 20 minutes away. This is a gorgeous silent valley where the only noise was that of cows and sheep, or the fresh wind blowing at those 2500 meters of altitude.

Alfonso will welcome you to meet his family and to his village where he has always worked, his passion for traditional herbal medicine is contagious. Nowadays he tries to perpetuate the traditions proposing to interested travellers the visit of its village.

You’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast to start the day off and where you’ll talk about what the day will entail and start your mountain walk. You’ll learn about the valley, the community, the plantations, the mountain and visit a primary forest. Here you’ll learn about local medicinal plants, about the vision of the cosmos of the Cañari, the pre-Incas who lived in the area and their vision of life and the planet in harmony with nature.
You’ll discover the sacred place of the community in the mountain and where pre-Inca rituals were done. You’ll also get to walk along part of the ‘Camino del Inca’ or the ‘Inca trail’.

On your walk you’ll be able to enjoy a traditional home cooked meal which Alfonso’s wife will cook for you and you’ll enjoy it like a picnic surrounded by nature. You’ll end the day learning about their cleansing rituals and on your way back you’ll get to see traditional musical instruments made by the community, especially flutes and other wind instruments (such as flute and kena) and you might be able to join in the traditional dance with the community.
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