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Barcelona, Spain
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Visiting Barcelona and want to scratch the surface of this beautiful Mediterranean gem and leave a positive impact of your trip? How about joining a tour led by formerly homeless tour guides?
Our partners in Barcelona funded a social enterprise working as a work reinsertion project for the homeless since 2014. We exclusively train and employ those who have been homeless. In short we are taking creative action to solve a social problem - we are putting one of the city´s strengths (tourism) to work to solve one of the city's social problems (homelessness) in effect to try to create and pioneeer the movement towards a more equal distribution of the wealth created by tourism

Come and join us for a truly unique experience! Leave a positive impact of your trip to Barcelona by creating a job, a future, a new life for a homeless person and in return take home an unforgettable experience that surely will be one of the highlights of your visit to Barcelona!
Impact of this experience
We aim to change attitudes and challenge myths surrounding homelessness.
You will explore a different, and seldom visited side of Barcelona.
Your guide is part of a social and workforce insertion program.
You will get to connect with your guide as they share their personal story which is woven into the city tour in a friendly and casual way.
Your guide will provide you with unique insight into the challenges surrounding homelessness and discuss how the city tackles poverty.
Thanks to this experience it has been possible to achieve:
Increase awareness and break through barriers and stereotypes
Plant a seed of tolerance
Promote local economy initiatives
Train young people in an employable activity
Share empowering stories
Support guides and their tour organizer
• Time: 2 hours

• Guide: Private guide/ local guide / re-integrated guides

• Languages: Spanish, German, French & English

• Frequency: Bookings at the time and day of your choice. All tours are private

• Good for: Adults, students and professionals

• Participants: 2-40 (min to max)

• It includes:
Join us for an alternative walking tour of the old town of Barcelona with unique insight provided by your previously homeless tour guide.
We will guide you through the daily life of a person who lives on the streets of Barcelona from where to sleep, wash, change clothes and how to look for work. Your guide is a survivor and tells his story as such: explore the hidden layers of the Raval quarter of the old town of Barcelona interwoven with inspiring personal stories and unexpected destinies.

This tour aims to inform and educate on homelessness, change attitudes and challenge myths. We will take you through the challenges surrounding homelessness in Barcelona including our own personal journey, share with you some key facts and figures on homelessness and discuss how the city tackles poverty

Remember, when joining the tour you are not just buying a ticket for a city tour, you are actively becoming part of a positive change by helping creating jobs for those most at risk of social exclusion by taking part in a job reinsertion project for the homeless in Barcelona.
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