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10.00 AM Mondays to Saturdays
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Athens, Greece
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Join the Greeks in what’s probably their favourite activity: eating! With so much to offer in a city that never stops cooking up delicious dishes, join this walking tour to get to know Athens through its street food!
Exploring the rich and varied culinary traditions of Greece—sitting at the crossroads of the Orient and the western world—is a must for any dedicated foodie. Get the whole scoop on Greece's unique culinary blend!
Impact of this experience
On this walking tour you'll join the Athenians in their everyday life—where food is the king— exploring where locals shop, cook and eat.
You'll be in the midst of the local food scene.
You'll help boost local economy.
You'll support responsible tourism.
Thanks to this experience it has been possible to achieve:
Share cultural heritage stories
Invest in the local economy
Connect people through this experience
Discover beauty
Savour and support local cuisine
Share cultural heritage stories
• Time: 3.5h

• Guide: Private guide

• Languages: English

• Frequency: Mon-Sat 10AM. It’s ideal all year round, rain or shine.
This tour does not operate on January 1st, December 25th & 26th, Easter Sunday.

• Good for: Adults, groups, professionals and families, as children will be very involved in the tastings, keeping them interested throughout the tour.

• Participants: 2-12

• All tastings during the tour are included

• If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements, you are kindly requested to contact us in advance before booking this tour.

• Have a light breakfast, as there will be plenty to eat! For most people, the food consumed equals a hearty lunch.

You’ll taste delicious Greek coffee to start your food journey and you’ll start understanding the importance of food in Greek life, traditions and Athenians’ eating habits. You’ll get to try traditions treats like koulouri one of our all time favourite snacks to get you going. Your guide will take you through a carefully created food journey through selected specialty shops where you’ll get to taste the famous olive oils and different spreads.

This is your chance to be food-adventurous! Your stops include a delicious baklava bakery with a unique history, souvlaki fried potatoes, you’ll discover Athens through the food stops we have chosen, you’ll experience a local market where butchers and fishmongers compete for attention through humour and gestures.
You’ll also get to experience the city’s spice street and discover the wide array of local condiments, herbs and spices, taste a traditional dessert and the amazing Greek meze, kind of like tapas at a charming deli where you’ll try classic appetizers, cheeses and cured meats. This Delicious Athens Food Tour lets you discover a different side of the city the yummy way!
5 reviews  
Cristina C.
January 2019
The tour took us to cafes and restaurants that we would never have found on our own and try food we could not have ordered on our own. We came away feeling like we had experienced a little bit of authentic Athens. We toured on Saturday morning and several of the stops were crowded with locals simply going about their regular routine. Our guide Laura was patient and terrific as she got us from spot to spot and seated and served. At each of the stops we were a little in the way but Athenians were very gracious as we listened to Laura provide history, culture and fun along the way. We did this as a family and feel the tastes,sights and sounds from the tour will be long remembered. Marcia, USA.
Cristina C.
December 2018
Elizabeth Bargue was an amazing guide. She had a wealth of knowledge about Greek food, customs and history. We stopped eight places, each was an introduction to real Greek culinary culture. I loved the authentic venues and the relationship between Elizabeth and the vendors. elizabeth was a considerate guide, she always made sure everyone could hear her and each person was included BarbGag, Canada.
Cristina C.
September 2018
This was, for sure, the best tour I've made during my backpacking in Greece and in Athens. For food and culture lovers, this is a must when you visit Athens. During 3 hours, you walk around the city, try and understand the story of a lot of Greek food, but also has a brief cultural baggage during the city walk. Our tour guide, Ilias, was very helpful, provided lots of interesting facts, curiosities and even taught us how to read the future from the cup of coffee! It was, for sure, a flawless and amazing tour. Guarulhos, Brasil.
Cristina C.
April 2018
Food tours are such a great way to experience a new city and Andreas did an amazing job showing our group around. The stops seem very local and not touristy, and the food and coffee was delicious! We loved hearing the history of Athens and Andreas was great with all of our questions. Definitely recommend! Jennifer.
Cristina C.
June 2017
The tour was incredible: we walked through 6 neighborhoods seeing all the hidden spots that not even locals knew (i show some pictures from the tour to a friend of mine who is from Athens and she asked me where was it!) the history old and modern, the small legends and the places were they take you are really a must do! It’s a really recommendable tour in your first day in the city! Cecilia, Italy.
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