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Lima , Peru
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Experience this off-the-beaten-path tour and see how Lima’s locals live to places beyond Miraflores and the historic center that are usually not visited by tourists.You’ll get to see a different side of Lima, where the actual Limeños live and work.
You will not only learn interesting historical, political and cultural facts but most importantly, your day will be filled with responsible and meaningful encounters with locals.You'll also support community-building projects working in these areas.
Impact of this experience
This is a one-of-a-kind experience where you'll be able to connect with your guides, their stories, their way of life in Lima and the work they're doing.
You'll visit main and unique sights of Lima, and spend an afternoon with your local guide where you'll be invited into their lives.
Your involvement will support the work of local NGOs, whose meaningful work you'll witness throughout the tour.
Proceeds and efforts will contribute to the local social project that you visit.
Thanks to this experience it has been possible to achieve:
Share cultural heritage stories
Discover beauty
Invest and support social institutions
Connect people through this experience
Share cultural heritage stories
Empower people!
• Time: Day tour

• Guide: Local and bilingual guide

• Transport: Pick-up and drop-off from hotel in the Miraflores’ hotel area and transport throughout the whole tour.

• Languages: English & Spanish

• Frequency: Everyday with appointment

• Good for: Adults, families, students, groups and professionals

• Participants: 1-10

• The tour includes lunch at a local family’s home

• Visit to a local non-profit project to empower and inspire community youth and families.

You’ll get to visit very diverse local communities which were started by immigrants from all over Peru and while they might be the poorest neighborhoods of Lima, they are filled with hardworking and very warm and welcoming people who are trying not only to improve the lives of their children but also build a better and stronger community. This visit focuses on hope, optimism and positive initiatives.

There are so many things that we want to show you that we can’t fit them into one day! That’s why the tour is a bit different every day. The tour visits different families and places every day but it’s always an amazing experience. If you have a special interest or preference, please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate it. If you’re the first one to book a tour on any given day, you can choose between 2 morning programs:

• OPTION 1: Start the day with a visit to alternative sights such as an artisanal fish market with a picturesque pier, where we might even go on a short boat ride along the coast (with life vests) on some days, a visit to Lima’s version of the Christ and the Morro Solar with its great views of Lima, before heading to the second largest cemetery in the world, which is very different to any other cemetery you’ve seen before! This morning program is especially popular in Spring and Summer (October – May) because of the weather.

• OPTION 2: The alternative morning program allows more time and visits in the human settlement. It starts with the visit to the cemetery (because we’re just so intrigued by it) and then continues towards the human settlement where we’ll learn more about fair trade and a typical aspect of Lima life: its small informal businesses. On most days, we visit the workshop of a group of ladies who organized themselves into a small business that manufactures handicrafts that are then sold as fair trade products. If you don’t mind walking a bit, we could also see the so-called ‘wall of shame’ that separates one of the poorest neighborhoods of Lima from one of the richest.

In the afternoon, for both options, a local guide will show us around the neighborhood and you’ll also learn more about a local project set up and run by locals. But first you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch at a local family’s house. The local cook/mom also loves to learn more about where you came from and will in return share some stories about herself. The local guide will tell you more about daily life in this harsh environment but at the same time point out some of the efforts carried out to improve the situation. She’ll tell you more about this local organization, its aims and its projects and you’ll meet and talk to some of the families who participate in the projects. On some days, you will even meet the local kids and teenagers while they are participating in the activities of the local NGO.

When you book, check with us if there is already a tour available on a specific date and let us know which option you prefer for the morning program.
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