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Experience the passion of Flamenco while you explore Madrid! This Flamenco experience is a different one, it is one in which you get involved in the culture, it is one in which you connect to the stories that make flamenco what it is today. Join in a dramatized route through the history of flamenco as an art form and let yourself be captivated!
Live a historical reenactment of the many untold stories of women in Flamenco, and become a part of this live show. Understand why Flamenco has become an intangible art and heritage of Humanity. There's also a workshop to learn Flamenco moves!
Impact of this experience
This experience is a historical journey till nowadays, the stops are in key spots in support of Vivas companies that sustain the framework of the Flamenco industry.
We aim to give voice to Spanish Flamenco culture through the talent of local artists. We will expose the keys of this unique artistic event, and share the richness of its essence that has changed through time. We'll shine a spotlight on the new movements in the dance, bet on new lyrics in the songs and draw new melodies in the music to showcase a reflection of a changing society and values.
The tour is conceptualised as a 3-hour show where you will listen to flamenco and enjoy the beauty of live flamenco.
Flamenco is considered an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, Madrid is its capital and Flamenco Route Madrid, is the best way to experience it.
Thanks to this experience it has been possible to achieve:
Increase awareness and break through barriers and stereotypes
Support local art and artists
Empower people!
Invest in cultural projects
Share cultural heritage stories
Support guides and their tour organizer
• Time: 3h

• Guide: Private expert specialized art guide

• Languages: Spanish & English

• Frequency: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

• Good for: Adults, families, travellers, students, professionals.

• Participants: 1-60

• It includes: Route, workshop, historical reenactment insurance.

This Flamenco Route Madrid stems from the desire to share the fascinating path traced by this city's music, singing and dance. Although both Madrid and Flamenco have undergone their own transformations throughout history, they are currently evolving together hand in hand with our roots and culture.

Because of this the art of Flamenco has traced a path in Madrid's streets, cafés and corners, making this city one of the capitals of Flamenco in the world. Both Madrid and Flamenco unite in a dramatized route that celebrates history in a unique and unforgettable way.

This experience is designed by two women who run an all female company. When they organise group outings there is a singer-songwriter, a reenactment representing the history of women through Flamenco in honour of them, many of which were victims of violence in a macho society and who many of them didn’t even sign their own contracts, it was their husbands.

You'll learn about flamenco with an actress and a workshop.
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